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9th Munich Vascular Conference (MAC) 4-6 December 2019

9th Munich Vascular Conference (MAC) 4-6 December 2019

The organising committee invites the Dutch Society for Vascular Surgery to the 9TH 
MUNICH VASCULAR CONFERENCE (MAC) in December 2019. In order to support your participation, 
10 members of your society will get free access to the 9TH MAC. We would be absolutely delighted, 
if you could inform the members of your society about the possibility to attend one of the best 
European vascular scientific meetings.

Vascular diseases are diagnosed and treated by different medical specialties ranging from vascular 
surgery to radiology, angiology/cardiology, neurology, and many others respectively. The 9TH MAC will 
continue to be a platform for mutual exchange between vascular clinicians from all medical specialties 
and colleagues from translational and basic research. Both sides will benefit from each other: clinicians
 have the chance to learn more about translational research and the evolution of cutting-edge technologies 
(including their pros and cons) and translational researchers may get a better understanding for the 
needs of vascular clinicians and their patients.

In 2018 the number of participants increased to more than 610 people from 38 countries! The overall 
feedback of the 8th MAC 2018 was again very good with the respect to topics, presentations, and discussions. 
In addition parallel educational and technical workshops were very well-attended!

Carotid diseases
- Update on carotid trials and registries
- Asymptomatic carotid stenosis and cognitive impairment
- Asymptomatic carotid stenosis - individualized therapy
- Haemodynamic factors in carotid atherosclerosis
- Carotid plaque erosion and plaque vulnerability
- Cerebral ischemia in the posterior circulation
Aortic diseases
- Aortic trials and registries
- Epidemiology of aortic diseases
- Rupture risk assessment for aortic aneurysms
- Imaging of the aorta - from ultrasound to finite element analysis
- Prediction of Type II Endoleaks and how to prevent them
- Genomics and proteomics in aortic diseases
Peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
- Trials and registries on PAD
- Angiosome directed revascularization
- Update on atherectomy and drug-eluting technologies
- Popliteal aneurysms - when and how to intervene
- Advances in the treatment of acute limb ischemia
- Imaging and translational research

Venous symposium
- How to organize a venous center
- Critical assessment of the current ESVS guidelines on chronic venous diseases
- Endovenous options in primary varicosis
- Advances in the treatment of venous ulcers

Workshops and seminars
- Innovative (endo)vascular technologies
- Intensiv seminars on clinical decision-making
- 1-day course on radiation safety

Abstract and short communications sessions (with prizes)

VERY IMPORTANT: As last year we will invite in 2019 young researchers for oral presentations and short communications sessions. So please encourage your colleagues to submit an ABSTRACT.
Last year the best of the submissions were selected for oral presentations and included into the scientific program. All accepted submissions were chosen for short communications presentations. 
The best oral and three short communication presentations were awarded with EUR 300.00 each!
Registration: as in the years before we will send the access data for the registration accounts to each society later this year (expectedly in September). 
The participants need to register via these accounts and you can change, delete, or add until the accounts will be closed (about 2 weeks before the  congress starts).
Do not miss the latest insights into the world of academic vascular research, represented by our world-class faculty. We look forward to welcoming you in Munich!